Practical support
Our aim is to support you in achieving your energy and carbon reduction goals by providing services that ensure the integrity of your meter data collection system from source to analysis.
Data will always influence decisions, the question is "what quality of information was the decision based on?". Traceable high integrity data provides a solid foundation of information on which to base decisions. Unfortunately the quality of data isn't always what it could be and subtle issues can go undetected within a system. Independent verification of the data integrity from source to point of analysis helps mitigate these errors whilst strengthening the confidence senior management & directors have in the resulting decisions.
Good data integrity starts at the design stage of any meter installation, which should not be considered a 'tick-box exercise', but requires full consideration of meter installation and the subsequent data journey. Within the standard services there are different metering technologies with multiple communication and data transport protocols available, all with their individual benefits. With our range of services we can provide practical support for your energy monitoring system.
How we help
Leveraging our knowledge and experience we can assist you with the selection of meters through the implementation and commissioning phase to providing a complete system health check.
Within the standard services to be metered there are multiple technologies for measuring these services. Across all metering technologies there are multiple communication and transport protocols for the data, some open and some proprietary. Ultimately each of these have their own strengths and weaknesses, depending on your requirements we can help with the selection of a single meter up to a complete system health check.
Regardless of where you are in your meter data journey is only starting we can help identify areas that may cause future data integrity issues, getting these addressed early on will help negate future expense.
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